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    China Bus Sales Revenue Reached 740 Million RMB in January

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    In January, among all orders made for purchasing vehicles for public services, 87 orders reached a value of one million RMB in China. For the whole month, the combined sales revenue of vehicles for public services in China totaled 740 million RMB, down by 11.3% year on year.

    20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities made purchases of vehicles for public service in January. Guangdong, Henan and Shandong were the top three buyers with their spending reaching 132 million RMB, 106 million RMB and 97.9582 million RMB respectively.

    Also in January, five provinces made purchases of city buses with their total value reaching 159 million RMB. Shandong, Hubei and Guizhou spent the most on city bus purchases with their spending reaching 61.3756 million RMB, 39.114 million RMB and 37.0426 million RMB respectively. New energy city buses were the mainstream for the bus purchases.

    Zhongtong won three major bus purchase orders with a total value of 50.70 million RMB. Zhengzhou Yutong secured five major bus purchase orders with a total value of 41.038 million RMB. CNHTC Jinan HOWO Bus Co., Ltd. won two major bus purchase orders with a total value of 33.088 million RMB.

    Dezhou Public Transport Company spent the most on bus purchases with its total spending reaching 37.918 million RMB. The company bought 40 units 8-meter electric city buses, 30 units 10.5-meter electric city buses and 10 units 11-meter electric city buses. In addition, it made its purchases from CNHTC Jinan HOWO Bus Co., Ltd., Zhongtong and Zhengzhou Yutong.

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