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    A Danish city is switching to full electric public transport

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    Roskilde will be the first municipality in Denmark to switch to full electric public transport. Of course the small size of the city (50,000 residents, 20 buses in operation on 9 routes) makes it easier to achieve the goal… but the step is anyway important. The buses will be supplied by Yutong and are ready to ship from China, according to the local media TV2 Lorry. On each bus there will be room for almost 400kWh of electricity. Charging operation will take place in depot, mostly overnight.

    A Danish city is switching to full electric public transport with Yutong buses

    20 electric buses on the road by April 2019

    The news of Roskilde ambitious plan was announced in March 2018. The arrival of the buses was set for April 2019. A moment that is coming closer. The “made in China” vehicles will take over the entire bus service in Roskilde.

    Reportedly, diesel buses will remain in the fleet, for a while, as back up vehicles. When the electric buses Yutong E12 are fully phased in, 1,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year will be cut.

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